USA Taekwondo has developed an exciting program, the USAT National Point Rankings. The program is designed to recognize the performance of USA's most talented taekwondo athletes based upon results in major USA Taekwondo events (USAT State Championships, USAT National Championships, USAT National Team Trials, U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships and select USAT Sanctioned events).

All points and rankings are viewable on the Hang-a-star system using you USAT membership ID number.

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Each year the points and rankings will be rest. This will allow for athletes who are growing or changing weight classes to have a level starting point as everyone else. This will also help encourage top athletes to continue to fight, and win, each year to keep their ranking.

When the Point System is used for seeding, the points "earned" do not move with the athlete if they change weight classes. The points are only valid for the weight class that they are earned in.

2013 Event Grade Scale

Event Grade 1.0 (5 pts = 1st, 3 pts = 2nd, 1.8 pts = 3rd)
-USAT National Sanctioned events (149 or less total participants)

Event Grade 2.0 (10 pts = 1st, 6 pts = 2nd, 3.6 pts = 3rd)
-USAT National Sanctioned Events (150-750 participants)

Event Grade 2.5 (12.5 pts = 1st, 7.5 pts = 2nd, 4.5 pts = 3rd)
-USAT Sanctioned State Championships

Event Grade 3.0 (15 pts = 1st, 9 pts = 2nd, 5.4 pts = 3rd)
-USAT National Sanctioned Events (751+ participants) 

Event Grade 4.0 (20 pts = 1st, 12 pts = 2nd, 7.2 pts = 3rd, 4.3 pts = quarters)
-NCTA Collegiate Taekwondo Championships

Event Grade 5.0 (25 pts = 1st, 15 pts = 2nd, 9 pts = 3rd, 5.4 pts = quarters)
-USAT International Sanctioned Events

Event Grade 6.0 (30 pts = 1st, 18 pts = 2nd, 11.7 pts = 3rd, 6.5 pts = quarters)
-USAT National Championships

Event Grade 6.5 (32.5 pts = 1st, 19.5 pts = 2nd, 10.8 pts = 3rd, 7 pts = quarters)
-All USAT National Team Trials

Event Grade 7.0 (35 pts = 1st, 21 pts = 2nd, 12.6 pts = 3rd, 7.6 pts = quarters)
-U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships

*Points for a quarterfinal finish will only be awarded for events with a grade of 4.0 or higher

**USAT Sanctioned events have to use the Hang-a-star registration system to be eligible for USAT Point Rankings

**No points are awarded for Poomsae, Weapons, Breaking, or Demo Team divisions